Indoor self-leveling

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The most common problems encountered in interior decoration in Hong Kong are the most common occurrences of uneven floors. Even if wood flooring or ceramic tiles are added later, there will be swelling and swelling due to wet weather, which will cause noise when pedaling. The self-leveling ground is the best choice for solving this problem.a

The advantage of self-leveling ground is that the construction is quick and balanced, and the uneven ground is leveled. The construction to completion time is shorter than that of ordinary cement, which shortens the troubles for customers to distinguish between work and accommodation by floor decoration. The self-leveling floor itself has a smooth and meticulous look, but it has no icy and smoothness of the tiles. If the work place has its anti-slip requirements, or if the family is afraid of falling, the self-leveling floor will be a good one. select.

The self-leveling ground is first turned into a fluid slurry by the decorator with the quick-drying material boiling water, and then the material will fill the height difference of the floor according to the terrain, and then adjusted by the decoration master to make it a complete horizontal plane, and in four to eight It can be hardened in hours to allow pedestrians to walk or construct.

The construction mode adopted by the company is to use the “OPTIM IX-Floorprime” as the interface layer on the surface of the stone to enhance the adhesion of the original floor, and then use the “OPTIM IX SF828” for self-leveling of 3mm-5mm. After the ground is evenly permeable, the “OPTIM IX-PU SEALER” is used as a protective layer on the self-leveling surface to reinforce its durability.

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