Epoxy Epoxy resin engineering

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Epoxy epoxy resin is also called artificial resin, synthetic resin, resin glue and the like. It is an important type of thermosetting plastic suitable for floor coating. Therefore, various electronic technology factories, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, hospitals and other clean rooms and schools, libraries, playgrounds, factories, warehouses, supermarkets, parking lots, lanes. It is suitable for the construction of epoxy (EPOXY) flooring, as well as light and heavy industrial workplaces.

Epoxy epoxy resin is characterized by its durable and seamless nature. It not only can withstand the wear and tear caused by general wear and tear, but also has the advantages of water and corrosion resistance. It can also resist general hard object impact. On the other hand, it is rubber-like. No seaming characteristics, compared with other floor designs, it is easy to clean and not easy to hide, but also waterproof, anti-static and dustproof. Whether it is an industrial location or a crowded facility, it is suitable for use.

In addition, Epoxy epoxy resin construction time is short, only 2 to 4 days (depending on the area) can be completed, plus the ability to use both the ground and easy to repair, the flatness of the original floor Not high, it can be quickly constructed in different types of facilities.

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