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Greening and velvet Although it seems to have nothing to do with you and me, with the change of the world’s climate, Hong Kong has also experienced an extreme heat island effect due to urbanization, making Hong Kong’s temperature higher and higher, and 30 degrees of high temperature when it enters autumn in October. Air conditioning can’t be solved. Greening and velvet is the best way to combat the heat island effect of your property. It can also beautify the property while promoting environmental protection.

The company will customize the greening and savouring plan that suits the local environment: find plants that can match the surrounding environment and plant them in suitable locations. Studies have shown that green restoration of plants can reduce the heat and reflection absorbed by the ground, thereby cooling the nearby areas. On the other hand, our Government recognizes registered professionals and will also have a long-term impact on the property itself after construction. Evaluate and reduce various factors that occur after the project, and there are unexpected incidents that occurred in the past due to improper management after greening.

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