renewable energy

Free on-site inspection and assessment of building structure or water leakage

Feel free to make an appointment with us for on-site inspections.

Free on-site inspection and evaluation of installed solar panel locations

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Profit sharing plan


(On-site inspection must be made for individual questions)

One-stop service

Prepare the installation position and rendering of the renewable energy board

Handling power company application documents

The above prices are calculated with the standard 700呎 village house and annual output of 6000w.

Install and test renewable energy systems

Connected to the power company grid

Provide you with quality engineering services


Established in 2008, Hongjun Creation Co., Ltd., as one of the largest engineering companies in Hong Kong, is committed to providing professional and high-quality electromechanical installation and ancillary services for construction projects.

Own team

Since the establishment of the company, we have a team of experienced and responsible engineering teams with a complete construction project management and service system, and all employees have many years of experience.

Free maintenance period

The company also provides customers with a free maintenance period. During the maintenance period, the company will solve problems for customers with fast follow-up services.

Customer praise

Over the years, the company has won the trust and praise of its customers in the self-leveling platform of the Shiya maintenance and building waterproofing project, EPOXY epoxy floor and so on.

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